Saturday 20th July 2024


Carrie Underwood has shared her latest song “Give Her That”, which appears on the Deluxe Edition of Underwood’s critically acclaimed album, Denim & Rhinestones. Underwood co-wrote “Give Her That” with David Garcia and Lydia Vaughn, and it was co-produced by Underwood and Garcia.

Denim & Rhinestones (Deluxe Edition) will include Underwood’s songs “Take Me Out” and “Out of That Truck,” the latter of which is currently in the Top 40 of the country airplay chart.

Take a listen to “Give Her That” – here.
Denim & Rhinestones (Deluxe Edition) is set for release on September 22; to pre-order, head here.

Carrie Underwood Shares Nostalgic New Song “Give Her That”

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