Friday 15th October 2021

Millions have tuned into John Krasinski’s show Some Good News on YouTube, which he started from his home during the pandemic. Now, Krasinski has announced he sold Some Good News to ViacomCBS, and he won’t be the host.

Krasinski started SGN after questioning why there isn’t a news network dedicated to good news only. He produced eight free episodes on YouTube, including an Office reunion/surprise wedding, a Hamilton performance, online graduations, and a virtual prom, all with famous surprise guests. 

Krasinski tweeted following the announcement: “Wow, who can believe when we started this thing together we all just wanted good news to be more fully represented in our everyday lives. And now? You quite literally ARE the good news! Thanks to you, SGN lives on, joining the ranks of this historic news network! See you all soon!” Krasinski will continue to serve as an executive producer and make cameos on SGN, but he won’t host; as of press time, a new host has not yet been named.

In the eighth — and possibly final — episode that aired last week, Krasinski announced that “we’re taking a break for now, but there is more to come! Stay tuned.” 

CBS buys John Krasinski’s uplifting YouTube series ‘Some Good News’


Editorial credit: Ron Adar /