M&M Broadcasters

Chris Austin 2p-7p

I’m just a Texas & Red Dirt fan. I’ve been incredibly fortunate enough to have been in Texas & Red Dirt Radio for over 15 years now and it’s been exciting to see the scene grow over that time. I still remember my first Kevin Fowler concert way back then. I didn’t know who he was at the time, but I was astonished at the massive amount of people who showed up to see him. What even struck me more was the people who showed up knew his songs and they were singing along. At that point, Kevin wasn’t getting played on the radio, but it hit me then that he should be along with other guys on the scene at that time like Pat Green, Roger Creager, Jack Ingram, Reckless Kelly and Cory Morrow. So we got the idea to start playing them on the radio! And I’m blessed to be still be playing them and a lot of other great artists today! And when I’m not on the air, you’ll likely catch me at a concert whether it’s here in Central Texas or anywhere else in Texas! I’ll see you out there, I hope!